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                            Cities and Sites


Barcelona Old town, March 2013

Barcelona Ciutadella Park+Montjuïc 

Barcelona March 2013 - Mainly Gaudi

Dali's Figures Museum + Girona


The Prague Toy Museum

Bulgaria 2008

Cortina [Dolomites] 2012

Verona October 2012


Rio de Janeiro as I met years ago


Aarhus 2011

Silkeborg 2011

Skagen 2011


A rainy day - Lisbon, December 2010

Sorrento 2013

Capri 2013

Lisbon 09 09




Conversations with Kafka

[Main Exhibitions]

Conversations with Kafka- Minsk Mazowiecki

Homage to Fernando Pessoa [A]

My opening remarks (Pessoa]


Mainly People-After Opening Ceremony

Mainly People [1]

Mainly People- Curators Address

An old sight too has a moment of birth


At Hanita MuseuM [1]

Hanita Museum - My speech

Hanita Contemporary-The Works

Mainly People [2]



Hana Barak-Engel's address

Hanita Museum- Dialog

Interview at the Hanita Museum

The Vision and the Reality


Desert Spirits-Sarah Pere Address

Desert Spirits-My Opening Remarks


Desert Spirits-Elena Likhterman Addres


Ode al Limone - 2013

A drive from Massa Lubrense to the

exhibition in Atripalda through Amalfi etc

Longarone Art-Fair 2012



"חלון לאמנות" - ראיון עם יעקב פורת 

[2008 Interview]




Works 2000-2002

Human Condition 2003

Works 2005

Me & some of my Self Portraits


Homage to Fernando Pessoa

Conversations with Kafka - The 54 works

Inventions 2007

Still-Life and Musuc




Erez Gonen draws Porat's Photo


Oil & Pencil 1988 works 2003 Works 2004 Works 2005 Lebanon-Summer 2006   Inventions 2007 Arts News
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