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"Conversations with Kafka" - Minsk Mazowiecki, Jan-Feb 2006

"Conversations with Kafka" - Minsk Mazowiecki, Jan-Feb 2006

Duration: 9m 39s

Published: 16 Nov, 2007

Category: Entertainment

Jacob Porat - A few words about the background and the theme of this exhibition [A part of my Opening-Speech]: I became acquainted with Franz Kafka, the subject matter of this exhibition, long before I have visited his town, Prague. My first significant encounter with Kafka was in my first year in t...

A rainy day - Lisbon, December 2010

A rainy day - Lisbon, December 2010

Duration: 8m 12s

Published: 03 Jan, 2011

Category: Travel & Events

Jacob Porat: " Homage to Fernando Pessoa" Some Opening Words - Lisbon, December 2010 A rainy day My first real encounter with Fernando Pessoa was early in 2004 when I read his work, "The Book of Disquiet". This was the period when my exhibition "Conversations with Kafka" was being shown in the Czech...

J. Porat - Homage to Fernando Pessoa [A]

J. Porat - Homage to Fernando Pessoa [A]

Duration: 7m 27s

Published: 18 Nov, 2008

Category: Entertainment

Opening ceremony at the Belgium-House, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem - November 16, 2008 Marta Dineia Gamito Opening of the Exhibition - Homage to Fernando Pessoa Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be here today to open Jacob Porats exhibition, Homage to Fernando Pessoa...

J. Porat - Conversations with Kafka (Main Exhibitions)

J. Porat - Conversations with Kafka (Main Exhibitions)

Duration: 10m 55s

Published: 11 Nov, 2007

Category: Entertainment

Prof. Nurit Govrin: Jacob Porat's Kafka The paintings of Jacob Porat converse with Kafka on the backdrop of Kafka's home city -- Prague - in a multi-layer "correspondence". One layer is Porat's paintings. The second consists of photographed sites in Prague. The third includes pen drawings made by Ka...

Jacob Porat - Homage to Fernando Pessoa / The Works

Jacob Porat - Homage to Fernando Pessoa / The Works

Duration: 4m 32s

Published: 24 Jan, 2009

Category: Entertainment

יעקב פורת: דברים בטכס פתיחת התערוכה "מחווה לפרננדו פסואה" יום א', 16.11.2008 בשעה 17:30 בית בלגיה, האוניברסיטה העברית, גבעת רם, ירושלים הואיל ואני מניח, ששמעתם לא מעט...

Jacob Porat - Mainly People

Jacob Porat - Mainly People

Duration: 7m 14s

Published: 07 Sep, 2008

Category: Entertainment

Opening of an exhibition at Chagall-House



Beit Sokolov Exhibit: Jacob Porat
- jACOB PORAT- קיץ לבנוני 2006 / יעקב פורת

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