J. Porat, contemporary multi-disciplinary Artist

Believing means liberating the indestructible in ourselves, or more accurately, being indestructible, or more accurately, being [F. Kafka].


Man is trapped in routine [K]


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Art is the axe for the iced world inside us [Kafka] 


Chagall House -2008 New:  Magnum Opus "ביקור בית"
Conversations with Kafka: Exhibition-History and Comments Stone & Wooden Heads

Lisbon September 2009

"An Old Sight Too Has a Moment of Birth"   Fernando Pessoa - Exhibition Conference   Conversations with Kafka: visitors remarks in Czech - mainly
  "גם למראה נושן יש רגע של הולדת"  האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים - המחלקה לדוברות האמנות שאחרי המלחמה  
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Drawings Comments 1 Etchings Woodcuts Still Life Suns & Sunsets-Oil Desert Spirits Mixed Media


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The several manners I have used in my art must be considered as an evolution, or as steps toward an unknown ideal of painting […]. Different motives inevitably require different methods of expression. When I paint my object is to show what I have found and not what I am looking for. In art intentions are not sufficient and, as we say in Spanish: love must be proved by facts and not by reasons. What one does is what counts and not what one had the intention of doing.”  [Picasso Speaks, The Arts, New York 1923]  *             

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